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Vol.  18, no. 1, 1998    article (references)    article (pdf 202 kb)      case report inappropriate antidiuresis and hyponatremia with suppressible vasopressin in guillain-barré syndrome c. Robert cooke, kashif a. Latif, kim m. Huch, barry m. Wall department of medicine, veterans affairs medical center and university of tennessee, memphis, tenn. , usa address of corresponding author am j nephrol 1998;18:71-76 (doi: 10. 1159/000013309)    key words vasopressin guillain-barré syndrome polyneuropathy hyponatremia    abstract studies in which plasma osmolality was altered acutely by oral water loading and hypertonic sodium chloride infusion were performed to further identify the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (siadh) in a patient with guillain-barré syndrome. Although resetting of the osmotic threshold for vasopressin release was demonstrated in these studies, this does not seem to have been a primary factor in the development of siadh in this patient. viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra cheap generic viagra generic viagra online cheap generic viagra cheap viagra online Downward resetting of the osmotic threshold by sustained hypoosmolality has been previously demonstrated, and it is possible that this may account for the initially low osmotic threshold identified by our studies. These studies suggest that inappropriate antidiuresis, as shown by the absence of a diuretic response to low threshold suppression of the plasma arginine vasopressin concentration was due either to a vasopressin-independent mechanism or to markedly increased renal tubular sensitivity to vasopressin.    author contacts c. Robert cooke, mdvamc – nephrology section (111b)1030 jefferson avenuememphis, tn 38104 (usa)tel. 901 523 8990, ext. 6918, fax 901 577 7286    article information received: received: june 6, 1996 accepted: september 3, 1996 number of print pages : 6 number of figures : 1, number of tables : 1, number of references : 19   journal home journal content guidelines editorial board aims and scope subscriptions search in this journal  © 2012 s. Karger ag, basel. Yndrome : landry guillain barré syndrome descriptions of progressive numbness and weakness over a short period followed by spontaneous recovery exist in medical papers of the early 19th century. Certainly the best description of 'ascending paralysis' in this period was made by a frenchman named jean baptiste landry in 1859. Guillain barré syndrome : guillain barré syndrome in 1916 the french army neurologists guillain and barré's observation that this weakness occurred with albumino-cytologic dissociation (an elevated csf protein with a normal csf cell count) allowed this entity to be distinguished from polio and other neuropathies. Types/variants of gbs : types/varia.
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Creations that are one of a kind and unique in every way.  See the inspiring story of our designer at our "about us" page.  A portion of proceeds from any sales of the "F.I.N.R. Elegance Line" goes to the Wegners Granulumatosis Association to help fund education and research for this rare desease.  And we truely thank our friends and clients for their on going support.