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Building our own business has always been a dream.  Like many people, we have always talked about starting our own business.  But with a full-time career and family obligations there was always something that seemed to prevent us from getting started.

Prior to starting this business, I learned from some incredible people there are ways to get started on a very small scale to take advantage of the many benefits that owning a business has to offer. We found several excellent opportunities that required very little start up cost and excellent training and support.  Along the way I have learned that the more people you help the more you get back.

The advantages we have found is the training on how to build a business and the support to do it.  Our Choices "On - Line Mall  site will link you to not only the shopping experience, it will provide you access to how you will be able to duplicate the simple steps necessary for creating a successful business of your ownOur commitment to those who choose to become business owners is the support you need to attain long term growth and success. Private Franchising is the wave of the future for e-business.  Having your own own on-line store and mall with the support of hundreds of affiliate partner stores and corporations is the perfect vehicle for success.  The history behind our organization and proven system of delivery and support for the products and more importantly the development of our people will not be matched anywhere.

As we learn and grow we are applying many of the principals we have acquired toward the products that we are in the process of creating for our own company.  That in itself is very exciting!.

Please see the write up about our in-house designer for our F.I.N.R. Elegance Line of jewellery. Her creations have evolved to such highly sought after levels that we have a hard time keeping her most exquisite items in stock. 

We look forward to sharing more with you as we grow.  Just remember, to get what you want, you need to help a lot of people get what they want first.

And Remember.sw.sw.sw.

Francis Narayan,

True Measure Enterprises