True Measure Enterprises
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We are pleased to showcase our "ON-LINE MALL" and our "F.I.N.R. Elegance Line".
Shop in the comfort of your home for everyday items. 
(Free Delivery on orders over $75.00)
Our ON-LINE MALL offers savings on everyday items you buy at the department stores for everyday living and we offer competative pricing and some of the first green products created, "before there were green products!"  With prices currently at an unprecedented reduction, we compete with even those who "Roll Back" theirs. 
We put our money where our mouth is.  We offer up to 180 day money back on any item from our signiture brand of products that you are not fully satisfied with.  See the "ON-LINE MALL" website for details. Whether its cleaning products, vitamins and minerals, edibles or health and beauty products, we carry the best!
 The F.I.N.R. Elegance Line offers creations from our own in-house designer.
Creations that are one of a kind and unique in every way.  See the inspiring story of our designer at our "about us" page.  A portion of proceeds from any sales of the "F.I.N.R. Elegance Line" goes to the Wegners Granulumatosis Association to help fund education and research for this rare desease.  And we truely thank our friends and clients for their on going support.